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american center for law and justice is still fighting for abideni's release. >> do you trust your insurance company to say how much money is owed. it is a glitch in the obamacare web site. this as the president insists the web site is working. elizabeth prann is following it all for us as she joins us live in washington with more. >> reports indicate the site doesn't have the ability to accept and transfer subsidies or funds to insurance companies. and in the interim the administration constructed another short term fix until the payment system is up and running flawlessly. customers will get an estimate cost of each plan. once the system is built the government and irnss can regr-- insurers can regroup and make the exact payment. it is raising eyebrows from critics. >> we passed a bill that is so complex and so contradictory he has a web site that is not functioning correctly. he thinks if he makes the right speeches he says the right words somehow it will change the perception. but here he runs up against the wall. >> the president this week stands firm by his signature piece of legislati
battles against the contraception mandate in the law. the court agreed to a second challenge from it craft store hobby lobby. >> two members of the cia who witnessed the benghazi terror attacks testified today about the response of the night of september 11th last r. it shows they were already on high alert. four americans including ambassador chris stevens was killed. martin bashir is on vacation. he made remarks about sara balin on air last month was not disciplined. he said she should be forced to endure slavery like conditions. others say he has been temporarily suspended. >>> giant's redskins game the nfl says the headlines man incorrectly motioned for a first down causing them to think they had a it first down. they turned the ball over on the next play giving the giants a 24-17 victory. the seattle seahawks looking to clinch the first nfc playoff spots taking on the new orleans saints. finding zach miller for the 60 yard gain. a few plays later putting seattle up 17-0. that is how it would go for the rest of the game. the first playoff spot. >> the 88 foot tall capital christmas tre
that since law mickers put up the ten commandments they cannot reject the new proposal. >> piano man billy joel one of the five people to receive the kennedy center honor through the arts. garth brooks says at last night's ceremony brooks sang his own rendition of "only the good die young. ♪ only the good die young ♪ that's what i say >> carlos santana, herbie hancock and martina aroy yaw. >> they told fox news all obamacare rally needs is a good pr campaign. hes are admitted three things may cost you. you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. doug luzader is live in washington with the late he is for us. >> beyond the issues with the web site itself operationally there are requests about wh-- q about what the policies really contain and whether you can keep your own doctor like the president promised. the architect of obamacare says you can keep your own doctor your old current doctor if you are willing to pay extra. >> the president never said you will have unlimited choice of any doctor you want. >> if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, did he not say that? >> if
still has major laws. duing lou ziader has the very latest. >> with the web site functioning at least better now it is not a question of how many people sign up but what kind of people sign up for health insurance. the president stopped a white house youth summit that is exactly the kind of crowd he is looking for to get out this message. these are also the potential customers they drool over. they use so few healthcare services. obamacare depends on their buy in literally. >>ed the product is good. it is affordable to quote joe biden. if you are a student body president set up on campus. if you are president have a happy hour. >> a poll out shows the challenges the white house is facing on this. do you approve of obamacare or disapprove asking 18-29-year-olds 57 percent disapprove of the law. 22 percent are without health insurance. of that group less than a third, just 29 percent plan to enroll. that is a real challenge now for the white house. they point to security issues on the web site and doctor shortages. 40 to 50 percent of the numbers in their older plans are being canceled
.com, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma. >> the intruder may have the law on his side because they give permission to occupy unclaimed land. he changed the locks produced court documents known as the the quiet title showing he is the owner. he is charged with breaking and entering and he is fighting the charge. an investigation found at least a dozen similar cases involvi involvinger kas. is this commercial unfit to air during the super bowl? take a look the nfl said yes. the ad made by daniel defense focuses on scenes of personal protection and fundamental rights. it says it violates advertising rules which say firearms are prohibited. stores with firearms and ammunition will be permitted if they sell other items they don't advertise firearms ammunition. owners say they would change the ads. they say the denial was unofficial. >> cyber monday will be bigger than ever with deals from the stores all of the way to the sky. we have the latest. >> black friday isn't the only thing that started early. we are only a few hours into cyber monday. but many are in to
's most patriotic bird. diane macedo joins us now with the latest. >> it is against the law to kill a bald or golden eagle in the united states but not if you are an alternative energy company. they are moving toward finalizing a rule that would give alternative energy farms a 30 year pass for killing those protected birds. the rule extends to current five year permits that allow them to foregg for unintentionally killing the eagles which leads up to $5,000 and two years in prison. it prosecuted the first case against an energy company for a bird death. duke energy pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $1 million for killing 14 golden eagles that got stuck in the wind turbines over three years. while it will require farms to implement certain guidelines to help with eagle conservation it has still earned the president backlash from environmental groups that normally support them saying 30 years is too long and more research is needed to establish the overall effect alternative energy companies have on the environment. press report a federal study found that wind farms in ten states killed 67 go
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6